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Blue Jay Tattoo

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Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

My name is Frankie Andrade Mestas. I am the new Owner and Operator of Blue Jay Tattoo as of 2017. I'm born an raised in Albuquerque, NM , I have been tattooing professionally since 2005. Growing up my main influences were skateboarding, music, and my city. After seeing the people I looked up to covered in tattoos, an shortly later getting tattooed I fell in love an it took over my life.  After my apprenticeship and tattooing in Albuquerque for a few years I felt the road calling my name.

I jumped on the tattoo convention circuit and shortly later started landing a few awesome guest spots around the country, learning an soaking up as much as I possibly could from whoever I possibly could.  In my short 10 years I have tattooed all over the country from coast to coast meeting awesome people an learning endless, different technique along the way.

During that time on the road I kept running into an met a humble individual by the name of CZER from Blue Jay Tattoo, who happened to own a shop in Rio Rancho, the neighbor town to Albuquerque. After getting to know Czer over countless random meetings in random cities, I realized shortly after that I might wanna take a break from the road an try to find a home base again.

After going back an forth again for another year or so I learned of a station finally opening up at Blue Jay Tattoo and took my chance. Now that BJT is my home base I feel rejuvenated as a tattooer and as an artist. I hope to make this chapter here at Blue Jay Tattoo as memorable as possible, creating tattoos that stand the test of time, as well as creating art that inspires the world around us.

I really enjoy tattooing Black & Grey, and Traditional based and inspired tattoos. I also specialize an really enjoy doing "freehand, handwritten" scripts and lettering, but after ten years I have learned to tattoo and love whatever comes through the door regardless of the style or influence.  Black & Grey, Traditional, Color, Cover-Up, Realism, Custom Lettering, Polynesian/Tribal black work an anything else that might walk through the door. I love it ALL. I don't have a certain style an I don't enjoy tattooing only one style, but more so enjoy tattooing everything and all styles. My main goal is to never stop learning. I'm so very easily inspired by everything and anything around me. Keep your mouth closed an your eyes wide open an be inspired by everything around you. Manifest your destiny, keep hate away, and love an live like there is no tomorrow. 
- Frankie Andrade Mestas


Not just Black & Grey . . . Color too !

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