1605 Golf Course Rd  Unit A/B

Rio Rancho, New Mexico    87124


Blue Jay Tattoo

Rio Rancho's Premier Tattoo Shop

The Blue Jay Tattoo staff strives to give our clients the safest, cleanest and best tattooing experience possible. Our clients can also contribute their part to help make their tattoo experience an unforgettable one. In addition to the obvious: Being Respectful and Courteous to everyone in our studio.

Here is a few “Do’s and “Do Not’s” for your next visit to this or any other tattoo studio.

Please Do:

  • Have an idea of what you would like to get before coming into any tattoo studio. Getting a tattoo on impulse is not a good idea, considering you’ll have to live with your decision if it was a poor one at the moment. The better you can describe or provide reference to what you’re looking for in a tattoo, the more efficient your artist can be at helping you get the tattoo you’ve desired. Bringing in reference on paper will be the best thing to provide your artist.
  • Maintain proper hygiene before getting a tattoo. No artist wants to tattoo someone who smells. So please consider that you and your artist will be in close contact for the duration of your tattoo procedure. So please be kind to shower, deodorize, brush and clean up before going for your tattoo.
  • Tell your artist if you begin to feel light headed or ill in any form. Our artist here at Blue Jay Tattoos are professionals and know how to deal with these situations. As required by the State of New Mexico all artists are American Red Cross certified in Disease Prevention, First Aid and CPR. In most cases a short break or pause to get some fresh air does it, then you can continue.
  • Tell your tattoo artist of any medical conditions, diseases, pregnancy or medications you are taking now or have taken. You can advise your artist if you just ask to speak in private with your artist prior to your tattoo. Your health ,well being and tattoo experience, can be affected if you fail to inform your artist.
  • Tip your tattoo artist. Here at Blue Jay Tattoo we don’t expect a tip but it is very much appreciated. Tipping is not an obligation nor should you feel like it. Tipping your artist for a good job done is something truly appreciated. Tattoo artist don’t earn an hourly wage, they are paid a percentage of what they charge you for your tattoo. Thus we rely on our tips. So thank you if you’ve tipped any artist at Blue Jay.

Please Do Not: 

  • DO NOT visit any studio under the influence of any illegal drugs or alcohol. Respect your tattooist by visiting the studio when sober. Do not talk about doing, buying or selling drugs to a tattoo artist.
  • DO NOT bring a cheer section to the studio for your tattoo. Bringing a friend or family member or two is okay, but not  the whole neighborhood or family.
  • DO NOT bring small children to any studio if you are looking to get tattooed at that same moment. There are hazards that children can be exposed to. At Blue Jay Tattoo we do our best to make our studio a family friendly one, so please make proper childcare arrangements for the time and date you’ll be getting your tattoo.
  • DO NOT haggle or try to hustle over the price of your tattoo. At Blue Jay Tattoo we do our best to make your tattoo affordable, however, in most cases the price is what it is, no negotiating. Professional work comes at a professional price.  Do not ask every artist in the studio at Blue Jay Tattoo for a price on the same tattoo, this is known as “In House Shopping” and is highly disrespectful to the artists here at Blue Jay Tattoo.
  • DO NOT, and we mean do not come in to Blue Jay Tattoo or any studio and take pictures of any of the artwork that is on the premises. The only way you should walk out of Blue Jay Tattoo or any studio with artwork is on the skin. Anyone who violates this rule will be removed permanently.